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Kaycee Orr-Hoffman
Bar None Hat Company
39313 HWY 2 | Thedford, NE 69166
Cell: (970) 590-5151
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Bar None Hat Company was established in 2003 by the young hatmaker Kaycee Orr-Hoffman. Kaycee's craftsmanship was learned by the legendary hat maker Susie Orr, former owner of Greeley Hat Works, and Coleen Orr of Cowboy Up Hatters in Denver, Colorado. Top quality beaver and beaver blend hats are her focus as each hat is built one at a time. Each hat is carefully constructed to the person's head shape and hand creased to fit the customers face shape, personality, occupation, and whereabouts from the countryside. Afterall a hat is an artifact of the person who wears it.


The Bar None brand is the Orr's family brand that dates back to the 1800's. The brand was a mark of excellence to several cattlemen around the nation. The homestead ranch in Granby, Colorado is home of several award winning Hereford cattle from National Western Stock Show, Kansas City Royal, Arizona Nationals, Fort Worth Stock Show, and more. The Orr's have been raising and showing cattle since 1920. In fact, the Bar None trademark was complemented by the color royal blue signifying the color of a champion. Kaycee has incorporated the royal blue color into her hat liners not only to carry on the family ranch history, but also to signify that each hat is of top quality. From Hereford hide to beaver hair you will be getting the best product around...Bar None.


Bar None Hat Company offers a variety of products and services. Each custom hat is unique to the client so the price will vary depending on the quality of product that you desire, the chosen hat band or buckle set, bound edge, etc. . Please call and Kaycee can give you a price based on your wants.


Kaycee also specializes in renovations....making that ol' hat look new. You know...that favorite hat that your wife won't let you wear due to the dirt build up or a hat that simply needs a deep scrubbin'. Most hats can be renovated and look brand new, however sometimes a few marks such as alcohol, sugar based liquids, manurer, and blood can be difficult to's worth a try if it means you getting to wear your favorite hat.

The prices are as follows:

Renovation: (clean, reblock, and crease) $45.00 and up
Sweatband: $10.00
Satin Liner: $5.00
Bound Edge: $30.00
Pencil Curl: $30.00
Reblock: $30
Crease Open Crown: $15.00
Reshape: $10.00

Please call Kaycee with any questions at (970) 590-5151.